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Frank Mahony

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Frank Mahony

Maybe Dumber Than Hot

5/19/2010   Comment on This

Our buddy Tommy Z is hot for Megan Fox.

Tommy is all about cougars but this one’s a little young and maybe not so smart. Sometimes all the Hollywood attention plays games with actors' heads and they think they own the world (we don’t know anyone like that).

Megan FoxBad news for her - she was just voted off the Island.

Her last movie made 16 million (chump change for Hollywood) - doesn’t say how much money they lost but I can guess.

Not a brilliant move to make waves when working on a $1.5 billion dollar movie franchise. There are literally millions of good looking girls waiting in line to be the next “soup du jour” - I can hear the guy at the deli now – he’s yelling “NEXT!!”

Maybe her next movie might work – again with a real pro, John Malkovich. Now that she messed up working with Shia LaBeouf, who will be the next Tom Hanks, she needs to do something to redeem herself. She should blow in a call to John Travolta (and/or Quentin Tarantino) – he pulled his crap out of the dumpster. A conversion to scientology may be on her horizon.

How did this mess happen? Only three possibilities: demanding too much money, too trashy for their tastes or she’s a pain in the ass to work with. Maybe it’s all three – a trifecta (I can’t believe spell check doesn’t know the word trifecta – what is this world coming to).

Am I being too harsh? Maybe... But the ref always gets dirty looks from fans and parents when he makes the right call.

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Frank Mahony

Remember Monopoly: I Want to Be The Banker

4/27/2010   Comment on This

lighting money on fireI had a few moments break between phone calls today and thought I'd take a crack at solving this whole National Debt thing. You know, when you finally get tired of something, you put your nose to the grindstone and you come up with a solution.

It's like pulling an "all nighter" in college to prepare for an exam.

I really don't have a ton of time to put towards this, but I figure any time is more than the current Congress has put towards it, so maybe I have a shot.

You know the old saying, if you want something done right, you need to do it yourself.

So, I figured...

When banks need money, they always find a way to get what they want. Whether they break the law, pass some crazy fee onto the customer, get a loan from somebody else or get bailed out, they always find a way to resolve their money issues.

So, I took a play right out of their playbook...

Click the Letter I wrote. Think this will work?

If it does, I may just be the smartest guy alive.

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Frank Mahony

Happy Birthday!

4/15/2010   Comment on This

As you know, my blog can sometimes take a distracted turn – disgracefully disappearing for shuddering periods of time. And so, in a new turn, I return; yet emerging unquestionably different from retirement with a priceless old pal willyS. Not that he’s some fat-witted and fiendlike gangstah rappah, but maybe a consanguineous semi-distant cousin (the real OG) who was dealing unrivaled rhyming roguery back in the day and the birthplace of the language. With overview, he guides this overblown overgrowth toward nonregardance from the overcredulous.

You think you're marketable?
You’re nothing but a zany, foul-mouthed bump.
You couldn’t champion the same roadway as my nimble-footed, catlike pedant silly-willyS

Ok – what they hell am I talking about?
Are you totally lost?   Good!

By now, some understand - but the others... well... you need to cover up because your GED is showing.

We're talking about the master of the King's written word, the employer of excitement who will always be the foregone hero.

You have no idea, still?

As willyS might say - you appear “uneducated” - or do you feign batty for expedience?

If you compromise defeat and stand prepared to expose your seamy, idle-headed nature - know that I am not cruelhearted or distrustful, yet duteous, and offer the goods of my depositary with nary more than a click.

Happy Birthday (soon) willyS. Long gone, but your presence continues to glow in unquestioned fixture.

How many words have you coined? We lost count... (See here)

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