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Every Sunday Night 5-7pm on AM560 WIND Chicago

LIVIN LARGE with Geoff Pinkus and co-host Frank E Boy


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On This Week's Show...

  • Author Sean Harvey, a long time friend of Geoff's, talks about his book One Moment Changes Everything.
  • The ubiquitous David Hochberg of Townstone Financial in the studio to talk about his show on AM560 and how to be LIVIN LARGER by lowering your mortgage cost.
  • Eric from DoubleGun Cigars will be giving us a pre-game of what's to come before Geoff hits Vegas. He will be in Vegas with Geoff at the International Premium Cigar and Pipe Retailers Association (IPCPR) Trade Show.
  • Of course "The Stogie Guys" (Patrick & Patrick) ( will be at the Vegas show too. They'll have updates about what's happening at the show along with excellent Cigar News as usual.
  • Where in the world is Carlos? We are going to attach a GPS tracker from GPStechnologies.NET to his pants and track where hs is.
  • and more...

It's a show for men or for the women who don't object to being around REAL MEN. Expect all the goofing around, teasing, arguments and bad manners that happen when you're LIVIN LARGE.

Topics include Cigars, Cars, Wine, Beer, Restaurants, Music, Sports, Hot Chicks (Hot Moms), Jets, Harleys, Guns, Bikes, Fishing, you get the idea...

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