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The Gurkha PINKER Cigar Bryan McGonigal

On the Show this week!: 6/27/2010

Bryan Mcgonigal and Harleys

Bryan is the Main Man at the very happening McGonigal's Irish Pub in Barrington, IL. He looks like a combination bouncer and owner but he'll make sure you are welcome and have a great time.

He'll be on the show to tell us how and why he opened this very cool place. The food, the entertainment and everything about the place is first class.

If you're a fan - call us and tell Bryan. If you never been there - what's your problem?

105 S. Cook Street
Barrington, IL 60010

and right next door...

Park Avenue Wine Bar
205 Park Ave.
Barrington, IL 60010

Calumet Harley

Hit the Road on Yer Hog

You don't need to believe it because we've threatened it a dozen times and it has never happened.

We're gonna have a Harley Guy on the show.

We know... We know...

You're saying to yourself (self: it will never happen)

But this time it IS gonna happen.

Chuck from Calumet Harley in Hammond IS gonna be on the show because we are having a HUGE event at Calumet Harley on July 21st.

See the details on our Events Page:

Wine Expert Tom Jiaras back from Aspen

He's got stories to tell about his exploits out of town. He's Mr Wine - Tim Jiaras. Tom Jiaras - Wine Expert

When you need to know about Wine, Cheese, Wine Events, Home Wine Parties or Catering, Tom Jiaras is your man.

The International House of Wine and Cheese (website: www.forWineLovers.com)
Route 12, Richmond, IL (on your way to Wisconsin) Delivery and catering anywhere in Chicagoland

Rick Wilberschied

Rick Wilbershied - The Critter Hunter

Rick Wilbershied just finished shooting a pilot for a reality show series. According to Chicago Magazine, Rick Wilberschied is:

...a man who makes his living from restaurants, churches, water parks, college campuses, hotels, offices, and human habitats of the two-garage variety, ridding them of critters that go bump in the night—and day—one of his most memorable moments, in a career full of them, was the time a skunk blasted him full in the face.

He'll be on the show to tell us how he does his thang - and how it turned it became a TV reality show pilot.

Check out Rick's website:

The Pinker Gurkha Cigar

More news on Pinker Gurkha events around Chicagoland and information about when and where you can hang out with The Pinker while Puffin on a Pinker.


It's a show for men or for the women who don't object to being around REAL MEN. Expect all the goofing around, teasing, arguments and bad manners that happen when you're LIVIN LARGE.

Topics include Cigars, Cars, Wine, Beer, Restaurants, Music, Sports, Hot Chicks (Hot Moms), Jets, Harleys, Guns, Bikes, Fishing, you get the idea...

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