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Frank Mahony: How Can We Stop "The Economy" From Catching Swine Flu?


Frank Mahony

Frank Mahony

How Can We Stop "The Economy" From Catching Swine Flu?

4/30/2009   Comment on This

With the arrival of the Swine Flu consumers have started to reduce their pork intake. If youíre reading something Iíve written, youíve already identified yourself as above mean intelligence. However, consider this snippet from an article found in the NY Times (Iím confident these people do not read my blog):

At a grocery store in downtown Houston, Gina Tran, a homemaker, said she usually bought pork but had stopped because of safety concerns.

ďPeople in Mexico ate some pork and got sick, right?Ē said Ms. Tran, who was looking for selections in the beef case. (That is not what happened, as far as anyone knows.)

Yvonne Enard, a retired warehouse worker, said she too believed there was a connection between pork and swine flu but figured it would be safe to eat anyway. ďIíll buy it, but I wouldnít buy it from just any store, and I would season it and cook it very well,Ē she said.
Hang on, Iím taking notesÖ
  1. Season Pork to eliminate possibility of viral infection.
    I wonder what seasoning (maybe bleach?) Iíll just cook it instead.

  2. Donít buy from just any store. Thatís good advice all the time.
    I never shop at the Bact-e-Viru Grocer anymore. The meat looks a little grey there.
Can you be Harvard Educated and still think Swine Flu comes from eating pork? Now, places ranging from the Philippines to Russia (including Kazakhstan) are banning meat imports from the US. HmmmÖ Either the leaders of those nations are as dumb as they are portrayed in so many ďaction moviesĒ and think the virus is in the meat - or - they are opportunistically using a catastrophe to promote a protectionist agenda to improve their local and/or nearby economies.

So, why canít we just ban our way back to prosperity too by getting rid if imports?
We can start with foreign cars and move on to electronics, oil and foods (Irish Guinness and anything Italian are excluded of course).

Ok, I know that this is a really stupid and simplistic idea, wrought with inaccuracies and false conclusions, and that it is doomed to fail, but these are the kind of courageous decisions world leaders need to make these days to be considered brilliant.

And, I didnít even go to Harvard...


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