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7/7/2009   Comment on This

We have really lowered our standards when it comes to celebrities. A celebrity in my book should be someone who has accomplished something in the media. Like Jon and Kate. They had eight kids. They are now headed to divorce court. Big deal. People sit around and watch these two morons raise kids. This Kate "broad" ordered Jon around like he was a maid. No wonder he cheats on her. Who wouldn't? This is a celebrity?

Then take the rich Paris Hilton. I was flipping around on the television yesterday, and she and the worthless Kathy "plastic" Griffin were shopping, and there were camera crews and security following them. Paris Hilton is a member of the lucky sperm club. That's it. This is a celebrity? Oh yeah, one more example: Denise Richards, who was married to Charlie Sheen. She was better off with him than doing a reality series that is soon to be canceled.

Why does the public make celebrities out of these people? The American public is pathetic. It's obvious their lives suck, so they plow energy into worthless people who can't do a damn thing for them. I just read that the list to see the King of Molesters has grown to over one million people to have a lottery chance to go to the memorial service. To see what? Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and Jamie Fox are all talking about Michael Jackson. Look at the time energy and cost that entails. On top of that, over half a million people will be standing outside mourning.

If the public spent their time with a book or volunteering or actually looking for a job, their energy would be put to better use. Being honest is not always the most popular thing, but it is the truth. People keep saying this is the greatest country to live in. I do wonder. I really do.

Are you caught up in all this celebrity stuff? Let me know.

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