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Frank Mahony: And then we can get something to eat...


Frank Mahony

Frank Mahony

And then we can get something to eat...

9/2/2009   Comment on This

I’m trying to get in better shape – or should I say better proportion. Proportionally, it is my goal to look more like a tree than a shrub or more like a stalk of celery than a bowling ball. But, the American dream is working against me. People have immigrated to America from around the world because they were looking for the opportunity and abundance that this country is famous for.

you need to work on your shape if you're out of proportionAnd – Wow. Do we have abundance...

Drive down any popular suburban or city street and they’re lined with places to get pizza, donuts, burgers, coffee, bagels, chicken, pancakes, beer, steaks, pasta, pastries – literally, foods every kind.

As an added bonus, our food choices are “open” pretty much all the time – they close for a short time when you’re sleeping. It is so incredibly easy to get food everywhere: in the airport, in the shopping mall, at the beach, at the train station. Next, there will be food vendors in your local place of worship. And if you aren’t within reaching distance of food – we’ve got food delivery to bring the food to you. Much of our food is also pretty cheap when you think about it. Really, all the barriers are knocked down.

I don't know if I can find any food aroudn hereAs Americans, our culture is highly food oriented – we don’t know how to interact with each other unless food is involved. Can you imagine going to a park, beach, movie or sporting event without a food plan? I know when we go to a movie, the popcorn, soda and candy are as important as the movie. Food is interwoven into EVERYTHING we do.

I’m sure you’ve heard:
“We’ll stop and get some snacks or coffee on the way to the ‘thing,’ then we can grab a burger or something when we’re there and then later we can meet up with everyone at have some dinner.” You thought it was a day about some event, but really it was a food map that included the event as one stop.

I am truly happy that I don’t have to worry about how to raise food to feed my family. Many years ago, you either figured out how to grow and cultivate enough food or you didn’t make it. Now, you either learn how to control yourself from lure of the hyper-availability of food – or you might not make it.

Even worse, the food we eat is precisely formulated to make it so tasty that “you can just eat one.” The food tastes so good that we can’t help but eat huge portions like we are preparing for a famine. Think of the justifications that have gone off in your brain to instruct you to eat another serving when you know you shouldn’t: “I don’t want this to go to waste. It won’t taste as good re-heated tomorrow. I really haven’t eaten much else today.” It’s an amazing culinary and food science achievement with horrible results. A doctor friend of mine recommends this book about the power of formulated food: The End of Overeating.

(all this talk about food making me hungry)

Here is my challenge to you (if you are overweight):
Go about your business for a day (or more) without a food plan – just wing it. Be so unconcerned about food that you maybe unintentionally skip a meal because you were too busy doing something else.

I bet you can’t do it - I can’t.
It’s a constant battle to avoid the powerful lure.


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