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Rick Kaempfer is Livin Large

10/1/2008   Comment on This

I had Rick Kaempfer on the show this past Sunday. Rick is a former producer who has worked with the Greats in Chicago radio. I enjoyed talking with him, but the fun part was off the air. We got the "411" on the diva radio personalities in Chicago.

It's truly amazing--instead of being grateful for being able to talk for a living, some of our hosts think their crap doesn't stink. Don't they get it? When they get canned, their reputation follows.

Oh, I forgot--they are Talent. They can do anything they want. The trouble is in radio, now more than ever, one must go the extra mile to be advertising-friendly and promote their show on their own time. It's a business, not a job. Unfortunately, Talent for the most part doesn't get it.

You can listen to my September 28 interview with Rick at my Podcast page (click on Hour 2 Part 1).

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